Friday, May 28, 2021

How To Change Lutris Wine Version for Windows Games

I'm a bit of an Overwatch fan at the moment, but in the last month I have been plagued by silent game crashes. Users report that switching down to Wine 5.7-11 solves the problem, however with a performance loss.

There are guides on the internet to tell you how to switch versions but the descriptions were different a little to what I have in Ubuntu 20.04. Hence I  thought I'd write something slightly more up to date.

I have two Battle.Net installs since I have an Overwatch smurf account. I've blanked out personally specific info in the screenshots.

The Wine "runner" can be installed and configured via the specific Battle.Net app. Right-click the app and choose "Configure".

On the "Game Info" tab, click the "Install runners" button.

Scroll down to "Wine" and click the button with the weird spanner-person icon.

Scroll down and select the Wine version you want. In my case I wanted lutris-5.7-11. Do not unselect anything in the process.

An install process should run when you select Wine version.

With that changed hit "OK", then close the "Manage Runners" window, then click Save on the "Configure ..." window and then exit Lutris itself.

Open Lutris and right-click as before to configure the app. I had to exit Lutris before the new Wine version was offered in the screenshot below.

Now the Wine version you added is available on the "Runner options" tab of the "Configure ..." window.

Hit Save and you're ready to play!